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About us?

In summary: we do workshopsconferences and formation programs to have more salesbest leaders and a lot of creativity.

More specific: we are one expert company in People Skills for commercial, creative and human talent teams with offices in Colombia and Mexico. We develop and implement strategies and methodologies ofonline, offline and blended training so much indoors as outdoor.

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invest in training?

According to the Washington Post


Higher productivity

Training reduces waste of resources, improves consistency in the work process, and allows less supervision of employees, freeing up valuable management time.

Brand Strengthening

Training improves the work environment; which allows employees who make more recommendations to attract better talent and publicize the goals and policies of the company. 

Improve engagement

Increase employee morale, improve retention and increase the ability to promote the best team members.

Become a spearhead company

Onboarding becomes more effective, employees maintain their skills at competitive levels, and are more proficient with technology.

“Falcon's commitment to each of our activities has led usto achieve good results with our partners”

DELL - Reseller Bosst Program, Senior Analyst

Christian Zorrilla

They already lived the experience

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